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  • Budget pricing

    Mecan-Hydro will gladly provide budget pricing and select the most appropriate product type in order to meet your site specific economic, hydraulic and operational requirements.

  • Firm pricing

    Once the project concept is finalized, Mecan-Hydro will provide you with the best solutions at competitive prices.

  • Engineering

    Our team of professional engineers, mechanical designers, and draftsmen have the knowledge to meet all project challenges quickly and efficiently.

  • Manufacturing and quality control

    Mecan-Hydro has established state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure our works meets the highest quality standards.

  • Delivery

    Mecan-Hydro coordinates all product deliveries from our manufacturing plant the project site.

  • Installation & supervision

    M2i (Mecan-Hydro installation/service divisions) skilled teams apply their expertise and use custom precision tooling for efficient installations.


Mecan-Hydro specializes in hydropower and water management (spillways), which represent 100% of our business.


All our products are designed according to the client's or Mecan-Hydro’s specifications.

Installation, site supervision & repair

M2i division can offer complete installation as a turnkey project or support and guide our clients throughout all phases of their project. If unfortunately an emergency breakdown occurs, M2i can deploy the right people in a timely fashion, reducing downtime of operation.

Refurbishing & Maintenance

Mecan-Hydro also provides refurbishing and maintenance services.