Design & Engineering

Mecan-Hydro is specialized in Hydropower and Water management industry exclusively and represent 100% of our business. Our team of Professional Engineers and draftmen have the resources to meet all of your project challenges quickly and efficiently:

  • Mecan-Hydro products are designed according to clients or Mecan-Hydro’s specifications
  • Licensed professional Engineers able to supply designs all across North America
  • Engineering is made using 3D software
  • Finite elements and motion analyses
  • Gate Design including special & specific area conditions (seismic load, ice load, impacts, etc)
  • Hoist design as per country and states standards

Installation & refurbishment

Mecan-Hydro teams understand that project’s success depends on efficient coordination and communications with our clients.

  • Turnkey projects including, installation, refurbishing and commissioning
  • Technical field advisors
  • Installation optimization
  • Compliance with local regulation
  • Operation training