Customer services

Preventive maintenance

M2i inspectors can ensure the smooth operation of  critical components on our client’s products, ensuring a long lasting installation and also the safety of the operations. We also offer specific maintenance plan for all of our installations, outlining in detail the service to be offered including frequency of services. M2i includes a maintenance log-book to record the conditions of the components

Corrective Maintenance

With the great experience of M2i in maintenance and installation of mechanical equipments, our team can along with the design engineering expertise of Mecan Hydro, provide permanent and lasting solutions.

Emergency maintenance and repairs

If unfortunately an emergency breakdown occurs, M2i is there to help. With agreements with general contractor all around North America that give us access to millwrights and Ironworkers, we have the manpower to help you. M2i can deploy the right people in a timely fashion, reducing downtime of operation.

Installation & refurbishment

Mecan Hydro is the parent company of M2i, we have the opportunity to get an inhouse view of design and manufacturing and share their overall experience since 1994. M2i has the support of Mecan Hydro’s fabrication facility located in eastern Canada. The ability to produce products in-house adds values throughout the process of installation.

M2i is a RBQ license general contractor and can offer complete installation as a turnkey project or support and guide our clients throughout all phases of their project. M2i’s specialists has develop over the years, specialized tools and extreme stringent methods in order to obtain very tight tolerance of installation. The team as a high level of experience and expertise plus an in-depth understanding of how precision and alignment impacts the quality of the mechanical installation. M2i team all operate within a culture of safety. As we work all over north America we work closely with our clients to ensure the project aligns with municipal, provincial and Federal safety regulation.

The skills and knowhow behind M2i have enabled us to expand our operations. We understand that project success depends on efficient coordination and communications with our clients.