Trash rake system

Mecan-Hydro’s trash rake system is designed to remove any debris that accumulates on trash racks. By cleaning clogged racks, trash rakes reduce head differential and improve your short-term investment return by improving power generation. Mecan-Hydro rakes vary in size to accommodate a variety of debris sizes and intake configurations. Mecan-Hydro’s unit is capable of being operated in manual or fully automated mode.


  • Power generation
  • Pulp and paper
  • Municipal and industrial water intakes
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Waterparks

Installation configuration possibilities:

  • Overhead structure
  • Concrete deck
  • Wall mounted
  • Interior/exterior
  • Fixed or rail mounted

Mecan-Hydro provides patented rake systems as well as custom configuration of Rake systems.

Possibility of additional features:

  • “Jaw” type cleaner head
  • “Scrapper”
  • “Rotative” brush
  • “Cable” operated
  • “Water jets” mounted on rake head
  • Single arm telescopic construction
  • Double arm telescopic construction for extra strength
  • Hydraulic or 100% Electric
  • Camera
  • And additional customs features possibility.