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The 11th Chute hydroelectric station has a total capacity of 18MW. Our client asked us a trash rake cleaner to improve the performance of his installations.

Mecan-Hydro’s patented design, automatic double-armed telescopic intake cleaner consists of a specially designed head attached to the end of two telescopic arms which are mounted on a self-powered mobile trolley.

The cleaner head features a unique jaw type design that enables it to clasp any type of debris. The lower edge of the head serves as a scraper that can dislodge debris from the rack as it is collected by the head.

The telescopic arms are mounted on pivots and can be controlled hydraulically to vary the angle and rack surface pressure during the scraping cycle. In addition, full hydraulic power is available during the scraping down-stroke to dislodge all debris types.

TypeAdditional descriptionWidth (m)Height (m)Capacity (tons)Qty
Trash rake automatic single-armed telescopic intake cleaner 1


Client testimonial

Nous avons eu quelque ajustement avec le dégrilleur, dont le mode automatique que nous avons finalement éliminé, car nous ne l’utilisions pas et il nuisait plus à nos opérations qu’autre chose. Mais sinon le dégrilleur est très efficace.

Jonathan L.