Mission, British Columbia, Canada





About this projet

“The Northwest Stave River Project is a proposed run-of-river hydroelectric power generating facility with an expected installed capacity of 17.5 MW and an estimated yearly energy output of 61.9 GWh. It is located approximately 35 km north of Mission, British Columbia. Construction of the Northwest Stave River Project is expected to begin in June 2011 and is expected to start commercial operation in November 2013.”


TypeAdditional descriptionWidth (m)Height (m)Capacity (tons)Qty
Slide gate Draft tube gate 5 3,4 5,33 3
Chain hoist monorail - Draft tube gate 10
Fixed wheel (Roller) gate Sluice gate + Flap gate 6,5 5,5 17,23 1
Fixed wheel (Roller) gate Intake gate 3,8 3,8 5,54 1
Hydraulic cylinders Sluice & Intake gate
Bulkhead (Stop logs) 2,125 6,5 3,92 5
Coarse Trash rack Galvanized steel 6,412 2,5 4
Fine Trash rack Galvanized steel 5 6 1
Trash rake Hydraulic 1
Slide gate IFC gate 1,219 1,219 1


Installation and site supervision by M2i

The challenge:

Remote site location, Flushing gate mounted on Sluice gate