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“The Rainbow Dam hydroelectric plant is located on the Missouri River, about 6 miles northeast of Great Falls, Montana. A new single-unit, 60-megawatt powerhouse was completed in early 2013, increasing the hydroelectric facility’s generating capacity by 70 percent. The new powerhouse replaces an eight-unit, 35-megawatt facility. Rainbow Dam is 1,055 feet long and 29 feet high. Its reservoir is 4 miles long. The dam is classified as a “run-of-river’ project because it can generate electricity using the water that flows down the river, without the need to store additional supplies. Immediately downstream from the dam are the Rainbow Falls, which has a drop of 47 feet.”

The challenge:

Supply multi-segment gates on pivot

TypeAdditional descriptionWidth (m)Height (m)Capacity (tons)Qty
Fixed wheel (Roller) gate Powercanal gate 5,63 7,62 3
Fixed wheel (Roller) gate Penstock gate 4,267 7,762 2
Slide gate Draft tube gate 6,845 6,2 2
Hoist support structure Powercanal & Penstock 5
Wire rope hoist Powercanal gate 28 3
Wire rope hoist Penstock gate 39 2
Control panels 2


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