Québec, Canada


Cegerco, Société de l'énergie communautaire du Lac St-Jean



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Val-Jalbert is an historical village in Chambord, Quebec. The mini hydroelectric plant is located on the historical site. Located on the Ouiatchouan river and the Ouiatchouan fall, this central can be visited by the public and offers different lookouts.

With its 16 MW, the hydroelectric plant is designed to preserve the natural character of the site and the landscape quality. Mecan Hydro provided a crest gate, 2km upstream with a span of 16m along with a serie of fixed roller gates, stoplogs and fine trash raks.

TypeAdditional descriptionWidth (m)Height (m)Capacity (tons)Qty
Crest (Bottom hinged flap gate) Sluice gate 16 1.6 7 1
Hydraulic cylinders
Fixed wheel (Roller) gate Intake gate 3.6 3 4.57 1
Fixed wheel (Roller) gate Sluice gate 2.5 3.2 3.37 1
Wire rope hoist Intake gate 15 1
Wire rope hoist Sluice gate 7.5 1
Hoist support structure
Slide gate Sluice gate 1.219 2 1
Screw stem acturator Sluice 3.25 3.055 3.63 2
Slide gate Draft tube gate 3.25 3.055 3.63 2
Chain Hoist Draft tube gate 5
Bulkhead (Stop logs) Intake gate 2
Fine Trash rack Galvanized steel 3.6 4.925 2