White River/Ontario


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White River is a 19MW hydroelectric station located in north Ontario. We have been deeply involved in the construction of the dam as we provided all mecanical equipments for the project and completed the installation and site supervision.

TypeAdditional descriptionWidth (m)Height (m)Capacity (tons)Qty
Fixed wheel gate Draft tube gate 4.7 3.35 2
Compensation unit Draft tube gate 2
Bulkhead (Stop logs) Intake stoplogs 5.8 6.1 6
Follower beam (Lifting beam) Intake stoplogs 2
Fixed wheel (Roller) gate Sluice gate 5.25 6.8 4
Hydraulic cylinders Sluice gate 4
HPU & control panels Sluice gate 2
Bulkhead (Stop logs) Spillway stoplogs 5.25 6.8 6
Follower beam (Lifting beam) Spillway stoplogs 2
Fixed wheel (Roller) gate Intake gate 4
Hydraulic cylinders Intake gate 4
HPU & control panels Intake gate 2
Compensation unit Intake gate 2
Trashrack Intake trashrack 4
Trashrack Compensation unit trashrack 2


Installation and site supervision by M2i