What we do | Mécan-Hydro
  • Budget pricing

    Mecan-Hydro will gladly provide budget pricing and select the most appropriate product type in order to meet your site specific economic, hydraulic and operational requirements.

  • Firm pricing

    Once the project concept is finalized, Mecan-Hydro will provide you with the best solutions, perfectly adapted to your needs.

  • Engineering

    Our team of professional engineers, mechanical designers and draftsmen have the knowledge to meet all project challenges quickly and efficiently, according to your requirements.

  • Manufacturing

    Mecan-Hydro has its own manufacturing shop. Our project managers are in constant interaction with our plant workers in order to respect all requirements of the project and meet the highest quality standards.

  • Quality control

    Our products quality allow us to be a top reference in the industry! For this purpose, we use a traceability system on our equipments, we perform many visual inspections and non-destructive tests, we have some certifications as ISO 9001-2015 and CWB and we keep an updated quality control register.

  • Delivery

    Mecan-Hydro takes care of coordinating equipments shipping toward the site.

  • Installation & supervision

    M2i (Mecan-Hydro installation/service division) skilled teams apply their expertise and use custom precision tools for efficient installations.