Magog, Quebec, Canada





About this projet

The Memphrémagog generating station is a hydroelectric station located in the town of Magog in Quebec. With an installed capacity of 1.9 megawatts (MW), the generating station that was built in 1910, is located in an urban area on the edge of the Magog River. It is the property of the town of Magog and the city of Sherbrooke. It is classified as a “run-of-river” generating station located at 1.5 km downstream relative to the mouth of Lake Memphrémagog. It was built by Dominion Textile and installed in the heart of the town of Magog, downstream from an old dam built in 1883.

TypeAdditional descriptionWidth (m)Height (m)Capacity (tons)Qty
Gantry cranes (Log lifter) Screw stem actuator 12 1
Bulkhead (Stop log) Spillway Wooden stop log 2,591 2,438 3
Bulkhead (Stop log) Spillway Wooden stop log 2,591 3,658 3
Bulkhead (Stop log) Intake Wooden stop log 2,591 1,829 6

Delivered product


Installation and site supervision by M2i

The challenge:

Reusing old wooden stoplogs to form bulkhead gates. Use existing unaligned rails for Gantry Crane rolling path.